Lavender body butter

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Lavender essential oil and raw honey... dont worry the honey just adds great moisturizing benifits and no stickiness.

If you do not want it colored with mineral micas just leave us a note with your order and you will be sent one with out color.

Fragrance description: Real lavender Essential oil offers a fresh aroma that is a must for relaxing and calming

 A little goes a long way with body butters! We love to use them after a shower or bath. pores are open from the heat of the water and readily absorb the soothing butters.  

Extreme weather conditions like heat or cold can play havoc on your skin and you may find you need something a little more then lotions, Body butters are perfect for when you find your skin is needing extra TLC. Our body butters are packed  with beneficial oils and butters that glide onto your skin and absorb quickly so as not to leave you feeling oily but lock in moisture.

Our Body butters are whipped to provide lighter and easier application. Body butter jars are filled by volume not weight. 

Body butters are only made and sold seasonally as they do not ship well in warmer weather.